Steampunk Light Bulb Pipe Home Floor Lamps Modern Lamps for ultimate décor and Lighting

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Ultimate modern floor lamps with vintage lighting presented by Luxma lamp ideas. Ideal for use in any home, office, restaurant or caf� to enhance the ambience and make it relaxing. The warm and soft light is vibrant enough to fill up any room and create a sense of relaxation. The steampunk lighting industrial floor lamp is the latest in the industry of exquisite standing lamps featuring a retro design with modern approach. The floor lamp lighting is made from iron pipes giving it a sophisticated look in black and matching silver. An artist�s addition features as a cute red wheel place on the pipe lamp which makes it stand out from the crowd. The drooping light bulbs create the perfect light for your daily chores, reading or just spending some soothing time on the couch.

- Designed by Luxma Ltd
- Bulb: 3 x 40W (included)
- Voltage: 220-240V
- Plug: UK
- Wire: Black round cloth cotton with switch
- Weight: 13kg

Dimensions (without bulb):
- Height: 164cm
- Width: 42cm
- Depth: 32cm

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